Engagement & Service

Working together with College staff and other students, leadership positions give students superb opportunities for developing their leadership skills and for undertaking the community service. Student leaders are trained and supported to represent the interests of all residents, and helping to promote a culture of respect, inclusion, and safety. They take part in an extensive leadership training program provided by the College before starting their roles which gives them a unique advantage when entering the world of work. If you want to be part of a community that helps you to be the change you want to see in the world, start your future at Mannix College.


Save the date; new resident applications for the 2023 academic year open on Sunday 2 August 2022. Run, don’t walk.

Fees & Scholarships

Mannix offers the best all-round university living experience at Monash University. Fees are all-inclusive, giving you peace of mind.

Campus Living

Living at Mannix offers you safety, security, fun and support – all under the one roof! Our community is nourished by our superb facilities.

Support & Wellbeing

Mannix offers the best all-round university living experience at Monash, offering a strong support network for students.