Respectful Relationships

Mannix is committed to being a safe and vibrant community characterised by respectful relationships. Foundational to such a community is that it is free of sexual violence, harassment and assault. We have a zero tolerance policy to sexual harassment or assault, bullying, hazing and intimidation. These behaviours are unacceptable and have no place in our College or in any community. We operate on the basis of a values based community model that focuses on every person taking responsibility for living in the community on the basis of the College’s values and embrace their role to work actively to sustain the community built on those values.

The College has a prompt, appropriate and rigorous institutional approach to antisocial behaviour which includes:

  • Clear and accessible protocols for reporting incidents, and robust policies and procedures to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment or antisocial behaviour
  • Mandatory training in sexual consent and bystander intervention for all students
  • Enforcement of the Conditions of Residency which clearly sets out the standards of expected behaviour and specifies a range of responses, up to and including permanent exclusion from the College
  • When a transgression occurs, the College responds promptly to ensure the wellbeing and safety of those involved by providing pastoral care and support.
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We work to maintain a culture that is supportive of respectful relationships through delivering a Welcome Week that is characterised by mutual care for physical and mental wellbeing and the responsible management of alcohol.

New students are informed about College’s values regarding respect for others and self, diversity, consent, and the importance to never be a bystander.

Over the course of the year, there is a program of educational events featuring guest speakers and experts – issues addressed include: respect for diversity, healthy relationships, and other relevant topics.

The College has a Discrimination, Harassment, Hazing, Bullying and Intimidation Policy which sets out what constitutes sexual assault and harassment and the process to report an incident. Students are introduced to the policies when they arrive, all students are sent the policies each year, and they are accessible on the College’s website.

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The College provides access to internal and external professionals to further support students. Mannix has professional counsellors to provide advice and pastoral support. Student leaders receive training in Bystander, Respect, Intimate Partner Violence and Gender in Higher Education (BRIGHT) and there is a promotion of a culture of helping anyone at risk.

Any student who wishes to go to the Police to report an incident, or who wants to contact an external body for help or advice, will be given the full support of the College.

Strategy and policies are regularly reviewed, seeking input from students and staff from across the College, and in consultation with external experts.

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Culture & Inclusion

Our culture is energetic, diverse, welcoming and student-led. At Mannix, we want to get to know the real, authentic and quirky you.

Safety & Convenience

Enjoy the safety and convenience of living in a catered and secure community opposite Monash University’s Clayton campus.

College Policies

We acknowledge our responsibility to ensure staff and residents are made aware of what constitutes unacceptable behaviour at Mannix.

Vision & Values

Mannix has a strong, proud history and is committed to being a leader among Australia’s university residential colleges.