Residents Handbook

Residents Handbook

Welcome from the Principal

Mannix College aspires to prepare you for your future in a welcoming, safe and supportive environment.

In every sense, we are no ordinary college.

Our Catholic traditions underpin values of respect, inclusion, tolerance and service.

Our educational atmosphere supports a talented and curious community of scholars who are equipped with the character to lead.

We connect and support our community within a welcoming campus where passionate staff co-create spaces with our residents to live, learn and lead together.

Through our wide range of social, sporting, service and cultural activities, community life at Mannix also offers fun, variety, excitement and enrichment.

We seek to improve ourselves and our communities through kindness and service.

Most importantly, we offer you connection and belonging.

We care about your wellbeing and so, at a practical level, offer you access to our trained pastoral care staff, serviced accommodation, nutritious meals, training and development, meditative spaces, onsite gym, and our in-house counsellor.

We value your time with us and are as invested in your potential as you are.

The Mannix experience is one we believe equips you with the requisite skills and character to succeed at university and beyond.

Our worldwide alumni network remains connected to us and so, as a community, we have the ability to have a disproportionately positive impact on both the local and global stage.

We invite you to join the Mannix community and to engage with all that it offers.

Andrew Swan

This Handbook is your go-to resource for College life, and we ask you to familiarise yourself with its contents prior to accepting your offer and moving in.

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