Our Team

The people who lead Mannix – in governance, staff, student leadership, and volunteer roles – are passionate about making our College community the best it can be. A dedicated, enthusiastic College Council, staff and student leadership team work closely and effectively, alongside the College Foundation, Old Collegians’ Association and various committees, to ensure the ongoing success of the College.


The Principal, the academic and executive head of the College, leads Mannix and works closely with all staff to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the College.

The Deans work closely with the Student Leadership Team, incorporating Academic Tutors, Senior Residential Advisors and Residential Advisors, and the Mannix College Student Society Committee to promote the best student experience.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne

Mannix College derives its authority from the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, under the direction of Bishop Peter A. Comensoli, the Archbishop of Melbourne.

The Archdiocese appoints the College Council to both govern and provide strategic direction. The Principal, with the support of the Council, ensures the College remains financially viable and operational.

College Council

The College Council comprises dynamic professionals responsible for overseeing the College’s strategic direction, plans, and performance.

The Council is chaired by the Most Rev Anthony J. Ireland DD STD and is comprised of Andrew Swan, Professor Sarah McDonald (Monash University Representative), Craig Milner, Shane Healy, James Fitzpatrick, Carolyn Young, Kath McCarthy, and Fletcher Smith (2024 Mannix College Student Society President).

Foundation Council

The Foundation Council comprises dynamic professionals and Old Collegians who are responsible for overseeing the College Foundation’s strategic direction, plans, and performance.

The Council is chaired by Mark Freeman and is comprised of  Andrew Swan, Nicola Commins (Vice-Chair), Tony Johnson, Sara Hinchey, Alice Draffin, Chris Dale and Georgie Fidge.

Administration Staff


Andrew Swan

Dean of Students & Wellbeing

Annie McGuire

Director of Academics & Careers

India Wright

Business & Operations Manager

Steve Waugh

Admissions & Student Life Coordinator

Katie Lindsay

Administration Assistant (Finance and Operations)

Kristy Samuels

Catering Staff

The College employs a passionate team of foodies who provide our residents with high quality, nutritious and delicious food that is made with love, everyday.

Catering Manager

Mr Peter Hyslop

Maintenance Staff

The College employs a professional maintenance team who support our residents with any issues they may have, as well as maintain our beautiful grounds.

Maintenance Manager

Mr Jason Munckhof

Maintenance Officer

Mr Paul Proctor

Student Leadership

Resident Advisors (RAs)

Residential Advisors (RAs) are student leaders employed by the College who hold the responsibility of providing care and assistance to all students in College. They are expected to show leadership in all aspects of College life, and actively support the aims and ideals of Mannix College in promoting the wellbeing and academic success of its students.

The RAs will get to know each student on their floor personally to support student wellbeing and ensure that behaviour is in accordance with the values of the College. They are often the first point of contact for students’ issues and can advise on additional support structures within and beyond the College community. RAs are trained in Mental Health First Aid, First Aid, Fire Management, leadership and other topics relevant to the student experience.

Our current RAs are:
  • Ben Pennington
  • Emmy Bowyer
  • Flynn Hopgood
  • Harrison Drury
  • Jonty Cook
  • Lauren Dillon
  • Lillian (Lil) Henderson
  • Maggie Moss
  • Mia Johnson
  • Moara (Rory) Smith
  • Tom Davis
  • Tommy Meadows
  • Wil Woolstencroft
Mannix College Student Society (MCSS)

All Mannix residents are members of the MCSS. Elected by their fellow students, the MCSS Committee promotes student wellbeing and interests by organising an impressive line-up of cultural, social, and sporting events in partnership with other student leaders and the College staff.

The Committee is responsible for representing the interests of all residents, and helping to promote a culture of respect, inclusion, and safety. The Committee are trained in Mental Health First Aid, First Aid, Fire Management, leadership and other topics relevant to the student experience.

The current MCSS Committee are:
  • Fletcher Smith
  • Javier Belmar-Osborn
  • James Yorke
  • Polly Lewis
  • Elisabeth (Lizzie) Mazzini
  • Noel Reid
  • Tessa Johnson
  • Kate Finlay
  • Riya Burmi
  • Rory Mcleod
  • Darby Stoffell
Application Process

Save the date; new resident applications for the 2024 academic year open on 7 August 2023. Run, don’t walk.

Safety & Convenience

Enjoy the safety and convenience of living in a catered and secure community opposite Monash University’s Clayton campus.

Fees & Scholarships

Mannix offers the best all-round university living experience at Monash University. Fees are all-inclusive, giving you peace of mind.

Engagement & Service

Leadership positions give students superb opportunities for developing their leadership skills and undertaking community service.