Vision & Values

Mannix has a strong, proud history and is committed to being a leader among Australia’s university residential colleges. In our community, all members can reach their full potential. We are a values-based community where students from all backgrounds can flourish. Living by values involves positive personal and communal responsibilities. Our values inspire us to actively contribute to the community, to care for others, and to speak up when needed.

Our vision is to foster in our community the desire and capacity to make a positive difference in the world.

Our values are:


Mannixians are ambitious to learn and achieve their best efforts with passion.


Mannixians respect themselves and each other which sustains a culture where everyone feels included, accountable and supported.

Read about our commitments to Respectful Relationships here.


Mannixians are from different disciplines, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs yet they build friendships and networks, show care and support to one another, and co-create a cohesive and dynamic community together.


Mannixians own and learn from their mistakes and overcome adversity by using courage, wisdom from others, personal strengths, and self-efficacy.


Mannixians actively contribute to an environment where compassion, moral courage and honesty are valued, recognised and modelled.

Culture & Inclusion

Our culture is energetic, diverse, welcoming and student-led. At Mannix, we want to get to know the real, authentic and quirky you.

Safety & Convenience

Enjoy the safety and convenience of living in a catered and secure community opposite Monash University’s Clayton campus.

Academics & Employability

Supported by tutors, mentors, peers and development programs, Mannix will prepare you for success and university and the workforce.

Engagement & Service

Leadership positions give students superb opportunities for developing their leadership skills and undertaking community service..