International Students

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria but our students are from all around Australia and the world. Each year, we have a group of international students who are keenly involved in College life.

Life at Mannix

International students lead a range of activities to share and celebrate diverse cultures with the broader Mannix community. Each semester all students organise a great calendar of social events, as well as guest speakers, workshops and more. These are wonderful opportunities to meet new people and make lifelong friends, from Australia and from all around the world.


Moving to a new city or country to study can be a big change. We have dedicated staff to assist international students every step of the way. Onsite peer support and counselling services are also available.

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Culture & Inclusion

Our culture is energetic, diverse, welcoming and student-led. At Mannix, we want to get to know the real, authentic and quirky you.

Safety & Convenience

Enjoy the safety and convenience of living in a catered and secure community opposite Monash University’s Clayton campus.

Fees & Scholarships

Mannix offers the best all-round university living experience at Monash University. Fees are all-inclusive, giving you peace of mind.


Save the date; new resident applications for the 2023 academic year open on Sunday 2 August 2022. Run, don’t walk.