July 19, 2021
Photo of Zara and Sam sitting together at Mannix

The Two of Us: Finding My Best Friend at Mannix

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest – it’s about who came into your life, and never left your side. It’s a million little moments, […]
January 1, 2016

NPL 2016 – Social Justice, Equality and Individual Leadership

Delivered by Reverend Timothy Costello AO CEO, World Vision Australia
January 1, 2015

NPL 2015 – The Golden Years Return: How will we change Australian higher education?

Delivered by Professor Margaret Gardiner AO President and Vice Chancellor, Monash University.
January 1, 2014

NPL 2014 – What is Justice?

Delivered by The Honourable Marilyn Warren AC Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria.
January 1, 2013

NPL 2013 – The Australian Idea of a University

Delivered by Professor Glyn Davis AV Principal and Vice Chancellor, The University of Melbourne
January 1, 2012

NPL 2012 – Universities in 2025: What Newman Got Right and What He Got Wrong

Delivered by Professor Ed Byrne AO President and Vice-Chancellor, Monash University
January 1, 2011

NPL 2011 – The Social Responsibility of Everyone: actions for pupils, professors, professionals and politicians

Delivered by Professor Bryan Horrigan Dean of the Faculty of Law, Monash University
January 1, 2010

NPL 2010 – The Modern University and the Musical Mind: sounding out John Henry Newman

Delivered by Peter Tregear  Head of the School of Music, Australian National University
January 1, 2009

NPL 2009 – In celebration of the student experience: the place of Mannix College – past, present and future

Delivered by Emeritus Professor Gabrielle McMullen AM FRACI Australian Catholic University
January 1, 2008

NPL 2008 – In Search of Civilisation

Delivered by Professor John Armstrong The University of Melbourne
January 1, 2007

NPL 2007 – The Fox and the Hedgehog: John Monash and Daniel Mannix, Parallel Lives

Delivered by Dr Simon Caterson  Senior Tutor and Librarian, Mannix College